Old Mhow Manpur road (Agra Bombay road), near Mhow, India
Approved for stay by MP Tourism Board, Bhopal


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Keshar Parvat - Drone View

Keshar Parvat - Conference cum Meditation Hall

Keshar Parvat - Poly-pond View

Narration Keshar Parvat - WRA Plantation

32,000 trees grown on rocks and stones on barren rocky hillock "Keshar Parvat"

Dr. S.L. Garg in conversation with journalist Balkrishan Muley

World Researchers Associations Plantation -
Kesar Parvat

पथरीली पहाड़ी पर रोपें 25,000 पौधे

टिटहरी के 4 अंडे यानी 4 महीने बारिश