Barren Rocky Hillock; Natural Farming

Keshar Parvat - A Hot Biodiversity Spot of Madhya Pradesh


34,000 trees

On rocks and stones by June 2022


Barren Rocky Hillock; Natural Farming

Keshar Parvat - A Hot Biodiversity Spot of Madhya Pradesh

Initiative to Plant

50,000 trees

began from June 2016


Barren Rocky Hillock; Natural Farming

Keshar Parvat - A Hot Biodiversity Spot of Madhya Pradesh

More 16000 trees

to be Planted

by Year 2024


Keshar Parvat (hillock) is a dream and green destination for nature’s lovers. It is an initiation of Dr. S.L.Garg, the Founder Director of World Researchers Associations.

This beautiful and peaceful forest is situated in Madhya Pradesh, India which is 8km away from Mhow and 35km driveway from Indore, the cultural heritage of Rajbada Palace and popular for its food & flavours.

With the pledge of planting 50,000 trees from 2016, Dr. S.L.Garg has planted 34,000 trees on the spread of 25 acres of barren rocky hillock by June 2022. There were no trees on the hillock since ages. There was no water on the hillock and still water is purchased every day to water the plants.

The interesting story is that it was a barren rocky hillock until Dr. S.L.Garg extended his services towards mankind and was able to transform an infertile rocky land into a fresh breathing and rejuvenating place with more than 34,000 trees swaying fresh fruits and other trees.

- To create thick dense forest, 34000 trees planted in last 6 years.

- To complete 50000 plantations by end of 2024. Without people's support, it can't be achieved.

- To create a natural, spiritual and serene atmosphere to feel nature and ultimately the GOD.

- Yoga and Meditation for a confluence of mind, body & soul.

- To cure people of various diseases through nature and through various plants, leaves, flowers and fruits.

- To take care of Cancer and Cerebral Palsy persons through green environment and naturopathy and physiotherapy.

- To promote research in various subjects and to organise conferences there at Keshar Parvat.


Prof. Dr. Shankar Lal Garg
M.Sc. (Gold-Medalist), Ph.D., M.B.A. (U.S.A.), LL.B.

Founder of World Researchers Associations


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Reunion of Mind, Body and Soul

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!

Here at Keshak Parvat, we practice natural farming. No pesticides, No fertilizers. We use naturally available resources.

Health Vacation

Stay here for a healthy mind, body and soul. Green has healing power.

Your stay will help you heal faster than ever. You can enjoy practising spirituality, meditation and yoga.

5 Luxurious rooms are available.

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Milestone Trees Plantation

Save Environment; Save Earth

Nakshtra Vatika

There are 27 Nakshatras(constellation). Nakshatra plants are those which are recommended according to the ruling god of a selected Nakshatra and these are already cited in Indian Vedas. It is said that any person can become free of ailments, physical, social and economic problems by planting a plant or tree as per the native's birth Nakshatra .
Saffron (Keshar) at Keshar Parvat

Ashwini Nakshatra

Saffron (Keshar) at Keshar Parvat

Poovashadha Nakshatra

Saffron (Keshar) at Keshar Parvat

Mool Nakshatra

Saffron (Keshar) at Keshar Parvat

Dhanishtha Nakshatra