32,000 trees

On Rocks Till September 2021


Initiative to Plant

50,000 trees

Here From June 2016


More to be Planted

18,000 trees

In Coming 2 to 3 Years

WRA Plantation - 32,000 trees grown on rocks and stones on barren rocky hillock "Keshar Parvat"

Keshar hillock (Parvat) was a barren rocky hillock since ages. WRA Directors Dr. Jyoti Garg and Dr. Megha Garg purchased this barren rocky land (hillock) of area 25 acre in 2007 and founder director Dr. S.L. Garg made an initiative to plant 50,000 trees here from June 2016. It was a very difficult job as there was no water on the hillock.

Save Environment; Save Earth

  • Natural Farming

    We purchase water every day and try to fulfill the needs of plants by drip irrigation. We do natural farming.

  • Nakshtra Vatika

    We have also developed Nakshtra Vatika where one will find plants according to 27 Nakshtras.