Old Mhow Manpur road (Agra Bombay road), near Mhow, India
Approved for stay by MP Tourism Board, Bhopal

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Old Mhow Manpur road (Agra Bombay road), ahead of Gawli Palasia village and in between Jamli and Kesarbari village. It is 8 Kms from Mhow, 32 Kms from Palasia, Indore through Rajendra Nagar and Rau and 45 Kms from Vijay Nagar, Indore through by pass..

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Prof. Dr. S.L. Garg +91-9425056228 for all enquiries regarding forest visit, plantation, pooja at temples, donations, reservation of five rooms, conference hall, club meetings, conferences, functions, birthday parties, marriage anniversary parties, get- togethers etc. in open space or in conference hall. At present, the kitchen has got all the facilities for a small group or bigger group.

No rent of any kind but only donations for maintenance and survival of plants. Adopt a tree. Donate as much as possible for a noble cause and get facilities of 80-G as well.

Please contact Dr. Garg between 09 AM to 05 PM or drop a message at WhatsApp or email: info@worldresearchersassociations.com and we will contact you.