God Siddhi Vinayak and God Buddha

Beautiful, attractive and serene statues of GOD KESHAR SIDDHI VINAYAK (Ganesh) and GOD KESHAR BUDDHA were installed with a ceremony on 24th February 2021. Both the statues are of Makrana Marble and were designed by Jaipur artists. Both the statues are open in a natural atmosphere covered and shaded only with greenery. Lord Ganesh is a symbol of Wisdom, Wealth, Health and Prosperity. You desire before God Siddhi Vinayak at our place and your desires will be fulfilled soon.

Ganesh Temple has been covered by Vidhara creeper. The leaves of Vidhara are of velvet touch and leaves look like the ears of Elephant. Vidhara leaves and flowers have many medicinal values. This is the only natural temple of God Siddhi Vinayak (Ganesh) in India where the idol has been covered and shaded with Vidhara and greenery in the open. The statue of Ganesh faces east and there is a huge Poly Pond of area 40,000 square feet filled up with rainy water opposite the statue. In the east, we have planted Almond and Coconut trees, in the west, we have planted 500 Shisham trees, in the north and south we have planted Banana trees. We have also planted Parijat, Mogra, White Ankda, Kevda, Shami and Bilva etc. on both sides of the statue.

God Keshar Buddha is a symbol of Peace, Tranquility and Meditation. Here in Keshar Parvat, we feel peace and serenity. There is a small Lotus Pond before Lord Buddha and the idol is covered naturally by Pipal, Bargad (Banyan) and Neem and various flowers all around. Kachnar and Gulmohar have also been planted on the side of the statue.