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Keshar hillock (Parvat) was a barren rocky hillock for ages. WRA Directors Dr. Jyoti Garg and Dr. Megha Garg purchased this barren rocky land (hillock) of area 25 acre in 2007 and Founder Director Dr. S.L. Garg made an initiative to plant 50,000 trees on rocks and stones here from June 2016.

How to reach

  • Old Mhow Manpur road (Agra Bombay road), ahead of Gawli Palasia village and in between Jamli and Kesarbari village. It is 8 Kms from Mhow.


Mrs. Dr. Megha Garg for all enquiries regarding reservation of five rooms, conference hall, club meetings, conferences, functions, birthday parties, marriage anniversary parties, get- togethers etc. in open space or in a conference hall.

One should contact Dr. Megha Garg at her WhatsApp and mobile in between 11AM to 5PM or drop a message at her WhatsApp or email and she will contact you.

  • Mobile and WhatsApp: +91-94253199113
  • Email:

For all other enquiries regarding plantation, pooja at temple and donations etc., contact Prof. S.L. Garg.

  • Mobile and WhatsApp: +91-9425056228