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Keshar Parvat is an ideal place for enjoying nature and greenery and it is the best picnic and biodiversity hot spot around Indore and Mhow.

Adopt a tree by donating Rs. 7000/- and enjoy one-night complementary stay at Keshar Parvat in a year.
By research, we have found that one feet plant needs initial care for 5 years and it costs around Rs. 7000/-. Donations are exempted under section 80 G of income tax. Therefore, please adopt a tree at Keshar Parvat by donating Rs. 7000/- (Rs. Seven thousand only) and create oxygen balance for the next generation. If you adopt a tree, we will offer one night complementary stay in a room along with break fast for 2 persons. One can avail this facility any time in a year from the date of adoption. Tree can be adopted on any happy occasion like birthday or anniversary of your family members, friends and relatives otherwise in sweet memory of deceased persons like your grand parents, friends etc. whom you loved most.

One can organize conference or birthday function or marriage anniversary for 50-150 persons in our hall. A social or cultural group can also organize their meetings in the conference hall. There are no charges but the groups should adopt our plants:

1. Group of 10 or less than 10 persons should adopt minimum 1 to 2 trees.
2. Group of 25 or less than 25 persons should adopt minimum 2 to 3 trees.
3. Group of 50 or less than 50 persons should adopt minimum 3 to 4 trees.
4. Group of 100 or less than 100 persons should adopt minimum 4 to 5 trees.

Donation is Rs. 7000/- per tree. Please pay Rs. 1000/- extra as cleaning charges if you are using our premises for food. Catering has to be done by the group and all the arrangements regarding catering and serving will be made by the group. We will offer the hall and one ground floor room along with 60 chairs and tables etc. Hall is free for the persons who wish to practice Yoga and Meditation. Groups or Individual persons from the groups who are making donation will not be offered complementary stay.

In this thick forest at Keshar Parvat, we have built up a residential area (5000 square feet ground floor and 5000 square feet first floor) to enjoy and feel forest, nature, God and spirituality. One can move around a 25 acre hillock and feel fresh air and sunlight in the greenery of thick forest. Apart from walking and running, sports facilities like basketball, table tennis, caram, chess, tambola and other indoor games are available on demand. All are requested to wear jeans or full paints along with socks and shoes on the safer side.

The Ground Floor
The ground floor has 1100 square feet conference hall along with two big corridors which are used for Yoga and Meditation, for organizing conferences, for celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries in small groups and for meeting of various clubs, societies and so on. The conference hall has a projector screen along with Karaoke and one can make presentations including educational videos and films. On the ground floor, there is a kitchen of 400 square feet having facilities of microwave, gas, barbeque, refrigerator, R.O. water; a store room and wash area along with 2 toilets. One twin bedded room is also provided at the ground floor of an area 400 square feet along with dressing room and toilet.

The First Floor
On first floor we have constructed four double bedded rooms along with dressing rooms and toilets along with Lobby and Pantry. There is one big corridor on the first floor. All the rooms are spacious with an area of each 400 square feet. All the rooms have been built on a 5-star hotel pattern.

Mobile and WhatsApp : Dr. Shankar Lal Garg +91-9425056228 in between 09 AM to 06 PM for all enquiries regarding reservation of five rooms, conference hall, club meetings, conferences, functions, birthday parties, marriage anniversary parties, get-togethers etc. in open space or in a conference hall.

Drop a message at his WhatsApp or email : and we will contact you.